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Client Appreciation Gift Ideas

As a bookkeeper, you have a lot of clients that seek your guidance in times of financial distress. After they receive help, you are showered with praise and appreciation. This year, you want to show your clients the same affection with gifts.


Presents show customer appreciation and help build brand loyalty. A thoughtful gift endears people to you, which makes them more supportive. Clients show support to bookkeepers with repeat usage of their services, and promoting them to others. Gifts are a valuable marketing tool.


Give Presents with a Purpose


Give a gift that your clients need. You handle their most sensitive financial documents, so you may know ways they struggle with their budget. Buy a present that helps them become more money savvy. Consider a book on money management, or record your own video offering tips on improving their finances.


If you are a freelance bookkeeper or work with small businesses, you get to know the owners more intimately than you would the owner of a big corporation. Therefore, you probably know their hobbies, dreams, and personalities. Purchase a gift based on these factors.


The gift should always have a purpose, but it doesn’t always have to be a purpose for the client. Give gifts that also help promote your services. For example, you could provide all your clients with limited edition pens that also act as a business card for you–engrave it with your business’s name and contact information.


Write More than a Note


Notes are how most businesses show appreciation to their customers. Elevate this gift by adding an extra touch. Write a personal note but also include a gift card to a coffee shop, a bookstore, or any other business that many of your clients visit.


Write a public note. If you have a large internet following, write customer appreciation notes on social media. Choose between writing a general appreciation post, or name a few specific clients in it. This action shows them that you care, and that you want to promote them with a public mention. If you don’t have a large social media following, but you do have a large newsletter or email list, show appreciation through these sources: mention a few customers on one of your marketing emails.


Use a note to inform clients of a good deed made on their behalf. Make a small charitable donation in the names of your favorite clients. Write in the letter the reasons why you picked that charity and made the donation in their honor.


Send a thank you note along with a present, like a basket of goodies.1800Flowers is an affordable gift basket option because the company offers weekly discounts on the Groupon coupon page. This allows you to buy more baskets for your favorite customers without going over your own budget.


Host a Customer Appreciation Event


Invite specific clients to a party.  It doesn’t need to be an extravaganza: A few hundred dollars is enough to host a memorable party. If you’re not a party person, host a simple outing with your clients. It could be anything from a bowling trip to a broadway show. The event doesn’t matter as long as  your customers feel appreciated.


A contest could be a simple and cheap event option. Host a contest that benefits your business as well as rewards your customers, such as a contest that rewards an iPhone to the person who gets you the most referrals. Create an annual customer appreciation day. On this day, everyone gets a discount on your services.

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